Our extensive experience of working across business functions to define and develop structures, processes and effective governance models as well as gaining and maintaining stakeholder buy-in to allow for successful realization of business benefit and strategy, as well as effective use of business resources.

Our Array of Service Delivery
Organizational Competences
Project identification, definition scoping and documentation
Full project life cycle management
Deployment Management
Stakeholder identification and management
Situation analysis and project / program recovery
3rd party supplier selection and management
Project team recruitment and management/ matrix management
Excellent negotiation
Solid Risk and Issues management (project program)


Creative services go well beyond web or logo design. At AGM GLOBAL, we understand the power the right image has in delivering the right message and selling your audience. It is absolutely critical that this be in sync with your goals and aligned with your message.
Nigel has been involved in ministry for the past 40 years and has been involved in pastoral ministry for the past 22 years. His pastoral assignments have been global, serving in the following locations: London:UK, Jamaica:WI, Washington DC:USA, Maryland:USA, and Charlotte, NC:USA

His ministry has taken him all over Europe, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Luxemburg, England and the Caribbean, with a concentration on Leadership, Apostolic Authority, Episcopal Order, Missions, Church Plant and Development.

Rev. Allen was consecrated in the office of an Overseer and serves as the National Executive Secretary to the Praise Covenant Interdenominational Fellowship. He serves on the National Executive Council, under the leadership of the Presiding Prelate, Bishop Heber M. Brown, II. He also as the secretary to the Baltimore County & Vicinity Ministerial Alliance as well as other global ministry affiliates.

Nigel is considered unquestionably one of the ministers of this generation God has raised up to be on the cutting edge, and uniquely gifted to understanding the ministry needs of Pastors globally!


We assist with Non-Profit Development. We recognize that non-profit entities whether connected to the faith community or not, provide desperately needed services that are invaluable to all who require said services.

Developers are now looking to develop economic infrastructures in close proximity to churches, as they realize with exception to colleges and sport events, there is no other facility where a concentration of people gathering on a consistent basis like the church. Shopping centers are used to create a sphere of influence to draw patrons, now they develop shopping centers based on the churches sphere of influence.

The reality is that ministry memberships are going somewhere to spend their money on basic necessities. It behooves non-profit leaders to create the economic infrastructure that recycles that spending back into the communities they serve. It therefore becomes necessary for the organizations to develop economic infrastructure to support the holistic needs of the groups or communities served. 




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